Error on first boot: Failed to load kernel modules

I did a clean install and I want to try EndeavourOS for the first time. Unfortunately after the installation in unable to do that. I get this critical error and then a glitched screen.

The live environment works great.

Also GRUB doesn’t show Windows for some reason … Check the video for more information:

I chose Deepin as an environment.

Try something else, to exclude the possibility of Deepin derping out again. Welcome to the forum!


Thank you. Reinstalling now with GNOME.

Also I was kinda used from Manjaro that GRUB saw my WIndows (installed on a seperate drive) but now it didn’t even show it …

You’re better off looking in the journal, for example:

$ systemctl status systemd-modules-load.service
$ journalctl -u systemd-modules-load.service

boot on USB iso EndaevourOS
open a terminal

sudo pacman -S inxi 
inxi -Fza

I don’t even know if it registers any keyboard input. The whole screen is messed up and glitched. Impossible to even type anything (yes, I have nVidia card).

So how do you know the error message in the topic title is the problem?

Surely the issue is “Deepin doesn’t boot” ?

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Reinstalled with GNOME.
NO KERNEL EROOR BUT the screen is still glitched (95% black and some glitched lines aroud).

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See that button that says “update mirrors” on the welcome app? First click the button that says “update this app!” When it restarts click the “update mirrors” button. There is a menu that will pop up. On the right there is a drop down arrow. Change the selection to country. Click ok. The password is liveuser accept the list. In a terminal issue sudo pacman -Syy. then try the inxi command again.