Error mounting /dev/sdb1 - not possible to mount a external HDD

dear community

error mounting /dev/sdb1 - not possible to mount a external HDD

see the image


well this allmost drives me nuts. i have no idea what we can do here ?

is the drive NTFS?

If external drives are not properly unmounted before removing you will see this error a lot. You can try to run a disk check and clear out the dirty flags however i’m not exactly sure how to do that as I do not use NTFS I know i’ve seem instructions around here how to maybe someone like @pebcak can be of better assistance


hi there - good day dear theFrog,

many thanks for the quick reply - well guess so - this is NTFS.

Well i will try to find out more

My mate gets this error a lot on his external NTFS drive and uses gnome disks and I think from memory fix disk

If you have Windows you can do a check disk in that and it should remove them. (Hiren’s Boot CD if you don’t) I think the program name on linux is ntfs3 or something similar doing a man on that should give you the appropriate flags. I saw a similar situation here not long ago but can’t find the post. Has something do to with age but I don’t remember what. :roll_eyes: