ERROR: module not found: `crc32ca'

Fresh install of EndOS.
Launched mkinitcpio (Added nvidia modules) and stumbled upon this error ‘ERROR: module not found: `crc32ca’ "
Very little info on module ‘crc32ca’ on the net.
Thank you for your help

Did you have this entry in the modules section?

Edit is your processor an Intel? Post the link to this command.

inxi -Faz | eos-sendlog

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I did…
Did a couple of reboots and testing seems to know impact anything…
Could not find any info on the net as far as the module.
Is it Ok if I remove it ? I posted because its giving me an error and not a warning. Warning I would ignore.

Is your hardware an Intel? I asked to see your hardware. That is the first and most important thing.

Edit: The command is in the post.

Are you using a custom kernel?

I can’t help you if you don’t post answers to questions that are asked. I asked for the hardware output. I asked if it was an Intel processor. We have no idea what you have installed. We need to see information.

Did you add this entry yourself or was it already there? What exactly is in the modules file?

cat /etc/mkinitcpio.conf | eos-sendlog

sorry. did not fully read r post.
I have no issue to report. just this error
I am not using a custom kernel…
Thanks for your reply and your time…
This is a fresh install

I asked if you added crc32a in the modules section yourself?

No it was already there …

I think it is wrong. It should be crc32c so you could change it in the modules section. You have to use a text editor and save the file. It’s easy if you use nano. Then after making the changes and saving the file you’ll have to run

sudo mkinitcpio -P

Thank you
Corrected crc32a to crc32 and ran mkinit and the error message is gone…
Thank you for your time.
Out of curiosity, what is this module for ?

What does this show

cat /proc/crypto | eos-sendlog

I do see those modules there along with some others. From the Wiki page

the CRC algorithm printed by the following command simply matches “whatever crypto library is currently loaded at the time”, and “can change arbitrarily while the file system is loaded”. So this method should not be relied upon in order to determine which CRC algorithm Btrfs is currently using.

Can you post one more?

sudo dmesg | grep crc32c | eos-sendlog

sure thing
"[ 6.349260] Btrfs loaded, crc32c=crc32c-intel, zoned=yes, fsverity=yes
Could not post the link
I guess this flies above my paygrade :slight_smile:
thank you for your help …

It is strange that it loads this module on some systems and not others. I don’t have enough knowledge on it. But, i see you are using Btrfs and luks and also have Nvidia but, your processor is AMD.

I also run btrfs on one system with Intel and Nvidia without luks and it has

MODULES= vmd crc32c-intel

I also run btrfs without luks on another machine with Ryzen and AMD Graphics and it has no checksum module loaded.

I think what it does in my case is load hardware accelerated check with crc32c-intel but like i say. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on it. It’s my educated guess. :grin:

Edit: It may work fine without that also in the modules section but would have to see if there are any informational messages if you removed it or it causes errors? :thinking:

Ok thanks…
Will remove it and let you know what happens. Since apparently it was spelled badly the first time, I am thinking that it may not have been used up to the point where you corrected the spelling mistake…

I’m sorry i think it is needed as i checked my btrfs install on my Ryzen and it is there even though I’m not using luks. So i think it is related to btrfs file system to check when it boots. Like i say I’m not the expert on btrfs.

Edit: I would leave it there for sure.

Ok will do. Thanks again