Error in today update (expat & libffi)

When updating today using eos found two errors?

error: failed to prepare transaction (unable to satisfy dependencies)
:: installing expat (2.6.0-1) breaks dependency "expat=2.5.0" required by lib32-expat
:: installing libffi (3.4.6-1) breaks dependency "libffi=3.4.4" required by lib32-libffi
 -> error installing repo packages

Should I wait for an update or this is something with manual intervention?

Try refreshing your mirrorlist to get a list of more up-to-date servers.
Then try updating again.

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Today is the same, don`t know what happened, but I upgraded with

sudo pacman -Syu -dd

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You should more or less never do that. It can result in a broken and unbootable system.

Instead of ignoring the issue and breaking your system you need to fix your mirrors.

I didn`t have enabled the repository multilib.

Yes, that could cause that problem.

You should either enable multilib or remove the 32-bit packages you have installed.

Uninstalling 32-bit packages will not break the system? It`s ok?
Wine is in multilib, some 32-bit libs are used by it. lib32-expat is dependant on expat.
Well, I can try to remove what I can.

It is OK if you don’t use anything that needs 32-bit libraries. Keep in mind, many games and Steam itself will require them.

If you do need them, then enable multilib.

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You can always check with

pactree -r X

to see what in your system depends on X.