Error in installation

How to fix it? Thanks

Is this booted on the live ISO or after installed?

On the live iso

Does it do this every time you boot on the ISO? It looks like the Welcome screen isn’t loading.

If you use a USB try recreating the boot able USB using one of the tools listed in this WiKi post.

the ISO starts well it is the installation of endeavor (xfce) that this product (at 8%)

When there are installation media issues sometimes boot in processes completes but installation bugs out. Because some times the writing method of the bootable causes issues. It’s advised to use dd mode when creating the installation media.

And I see you 4 terminals and 2 Calamares windows open. It’s best to do a restart and try again.

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It’s the only solution ? Thanks

the main script file for the python task is not readable…

Means there is indeed something not good with the boot media using a installer medium…
get_root_username is a module needed inside install process to get the username and rootpath for some scripts and modules we use …

So in most cases using a tool that changes the hybrid-ISO file is what makes it inconsistent in some cases, one is what we see here filepermission is changed…

So please use one of the recommended ways to create boot media.

You could try setting permissions from the live session so that the files are readable and executable… but I would bet another module will fail…

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