Error during update

During Today’s update I got the following error. The system is working fine post the update.

:: Running post-transaction hooks... 
( 1/10) Reloading system manager configuration... 
( 2/10) Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate... 
( 3/10) Updating module dependencies... 
( 4/10) Updating initramfs... 
:: Building initramfs for linux-lts (6.1.60-1-lts) 
ERROR: unexpected number of devices: 0 != 1

This is first time this error has occurred during update.

Seeing a few similar issues on other forums and generally I would just wait for a fix (normally doesn’t take too long a few days or so) someone with some better knowledge may be able to help more

Read through that.


It is an upstream issue with the btrfs user space tools. I believe it has already been reported and patched. Just need to wait for a release with the patch in it.


Many Thanks all of you.

EOS community is great. Salute to you all.

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