Error downloading sources: wps-office-mui (wps-office-mui-es-es)

I have problems wanting to update with yay, since it shows me: Error downloading sources: wps-office-mui (wps-office-mui-es-es)
I don’t know how to solve this problem. Can anyone help me?

you have validity error , try to clean yay cache , yay -Sc see first :slight_smile:

otherwise you have to work around the validity check is not advised personally

The cache has already been cleaned, I guess I can now update it with yay -Syyu, right?

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AUR = not packages
it is building a package on your own or with a build helper script … AUR-builds are provided by users and are not official so any issue ? first take a look at the comments on the AUR page, like @ringo already suggested :wink:

you have to check ‘wps-office’ could also one has a bad download link i dont know pkgbuilds looks fine

just check it builds and install fine here, so try:

sudo pacman -Syyu
yay -Syyu

Now the following error comes up: error: the operation could not be prepared (the dependencies could not be satisfied)
:: installing wps-office ( breaks the dependency with «wps-office =», necessary for the wps-office-mui-es-es package

it’s normal you have two different versions, the last one is this one

I just want to update wps to the latest version. Will I have to delete the previous version? If so, how do I do it?

Can I try removing wps-office (the old version) with: yay -Rns wps-office, to reinstall the new version? Is it a good option?

your database is up to date


you have pamac-aur-git like on the screenshot

I do not have it

you do everything at the terminal

Yes JR29

uninstall the language pack and update

ok, with what command do i delete it?

Problem solved. Thanks JR29. What I did was remove wps-office-mui-es-es with: yay -Rns, update and then reinstall wps-office-mui-es-es. I also thank Ringo and joekamprad for their help …