Error deleting

I try now in english language, I hope, you understand me.
My problem:
The resycle bin cannot be deleted.
“Failed to delete the item from the trash”, “input-output error”, “error deleting”.
That’s what the computer says.
And still i love EOS.

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What Desktop Environment are you using?

Perhaps try with trash-cli. To install it, run:

sudo pacman -S trash-cli

Then, after it is installed, run:


If there are any errors, paste them here.


I installed trash-cli - okay.
But what is with trash-empty?
What you mean with “run…”?

I have Cinnamon-Desktop.

open a terminal and type:


Then press enter.

If an error is displayed, copy and paste it here.

at first comes in the terminal “cannot remove”,
than after restart all is good now.
Thank you for the effort. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please don’t mark your own post as the solution, mark the actual solution as the solution: Kresimir’s post.

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Hallo Kresimir,
your order has been very good - thank your help.
The riddle is solved.

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