Error Boost.Python process «eos_bootloader» at installation


A newbie here, but not in GNU/Linux.
I just wanted to install EOS with Plasma desktop in my desktop.
But at the end of the process, I get this error and EOS is not installed:

“Hubo un error Boost.Python en el proceso «eos_bootloader».”

You can find the log and the error here:

The hardware info here:

Gparted disk info:

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

According to the logs you tried to use a /boot partition that was 8MiB and it filled up. Did you mean to make it bigger than that?

As a side note, you shouldn’t need a separate /boot partition.


Thanks for the tip

Well, after many test, I remove all partitions and left just EndeavourOS in whole disk.
Seems that everything went right, and just testing this new system for me…