ERROR: Bailing Out - Run fsck manually

Hello folks! This weird error happen today on my remote bare metal device installed on site for supervisor/heating control, it impossible from me fix remotely lol :smiley:

It is old acer pc with old hdd inside it, hope hdd isn’t hard damaged, but my qusetion is if I can teach remote folk by phone to launch fsck manually… very big trouble indeed cause on remote site Linux knowdledge is absolute nothing :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Anyway I try to speaking for something like “you need to type fsck /dev/sda1 ad press enter” of course, but I dont’know why happen next, maybe “you need to type exit and press enter” ahahah lol keep finger crossed guys…

You should be able to run fsck right from that prompt.

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Yes @dalto , thank for your kind reply.
I called the guy on remote site and it do the job, now It’s fixed an system is now up an running again.
Arch is very solid error proof system. I love it :heart_eyes:

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With Systemd there is an easy way to do this on every startup. With certain server stories this is probably not always feasible which is due to the long runtimes.
So you can also do everything at startup automatically:

sudo nano /etc/kernel/cmdline

So you can also do everything at startup automatically.
Add at the end of the line:


At each restart now automatically file system errors are fixed if they are possible.

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Well, thank for your kind advice Sir, Is much cool trigger an automatic fsck on every boot for my server too.
So I’m apply this change absolutely yes. Also I’m bookmarked this for reference.

Thank you again and welcome to EnOS community as well. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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