Epson L380 printer not recognised

I have installed Epson L380 printer driver from AUR
Then image scan front end from AUR

Executed following commands
sudo systemctl enable --now avahi-daemon.servicrrore

sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service avahi

Failed to enable unit: Unit file avahi.service does not exist.

Then executed following command
yay -Syu xsane python-pillow

Also installed Ipp USB package.

Surprisingly epson printer utility works fine.
L 380
Printer is recognized by utility and nozzle check, head cleaning operations performed flawlessly

Please help me in printer recognition by image scan utility Or any other package to enable scan and print functions.

is a typo i bet? sudo systemctl enable avahi-daemon should be god to go

but if you connect the printer via USB you do not need any network services for the printer…

Not clear too if you can print and only scanning is not working?
And where the printers recognized to be able to do the nozzle clean action?

does the imagescan utility starts and show the scanner? or do you use xsane tool and it does not find it? there is also simple-scan yay -S simple-scan what is a very simple tool to scan…

Are you able to scan as root?
Did you add yourself to the scanner group?

Error Yes.Hacker modified text when copy &paste carried out.

I am connecting using USB. No network being used.
Epson printer utility package installed afer QT4 package opens up and performs its duties.
imagescan v3 front end is not coming up.Not showing up in programs installed as well.
So i can not do either print or scan.Image scan utility is kind of a dead.

xsane starts but does not scan.fails.
What should be the code to be pasted in removable media for printers?Appreciate help

usually nothing needed there …

The output of:
inxi -Jaz
could hint on USB devices…

imagescan is named utsushi as executable… just tried and it starts:

For printing you will need to follow adding a printer with your DEs internal print setup or using system-config-printer:
And let it it find your printer – selecting the fitting driver … without this it will not print.
But if printing works… and the epson print toll detects and setup the printer it will be fine too.
is there too so called tool for all-in-ones …for scanning
needs a plugin in most cases to fit drivers for your device: