EPOS H3PRO wireless headset wants to be a speaker OR a microphone, but never both

I bought a new wireless headset: an EPOS H3PRO. I’m connecting to it via its own low-latency USB dongle, so no Bluetooth.

The headset will function fine as an audio output OR an audio input, but if I want to do both at the same time things go wrong.

For example: I boot the PC, I play some music, and I try to record my voice with something. It won’t work. It’ll just freeze.

And now the other way around: I reboot the computer and use the headset’s microphone first, it will record fine. But if I then want to play something back through the headset, it won’t do so.

Here’s some info on the USB dongle & the driver it’s using on my system: https://linux-hardware.org/?id=usb:1395-0303&dev_class=01-01-00&dev_type=sound&dev_vendor=Sennheiser+Communications&dev_name=EPOS+H3PRO+Dongle&dev_ident=618ea

And here’s my hardware probe: https://linux-hardware.org/?probe=211b09522f

What will freeze?


It, of course. :grin:

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The application doing the recording or the application that tries to play audio. It can actually freeze the application when trying to play back audio.

The built-in gnome audio playback tests (the one with the “left/right” buttons) will freeze the application itself.

In gnome sound recorder I can press record, but it won’t actually start recording. It seems as if it’s waiting for something.

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A few pacman updates later and it started working. I’m guessing the latest Pipewire 0.3.43 release fixed it?

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