EOS Update Notifier Uninstall?

Okay so I adore Endeavour, however the update notifier is mostly useless for me as I update manually and fairly regularly on a schedule. Is it safe/possible to just pacman -R eos-update-notifier? Or alternatively can I disable it’s service?

Love this distro, the update checker is a great feature but just not something I need! <3


Of course. If you don’t need it, remove it. :cowboy_hat_face:


Dear RPINerd,

I update manually only once a day, the first thing every day. I too do not want or need the Update Notifier as I do not want to be annoyed throughout the day.

But I suggest that you do not uninstall it. I recommend that you go into Settings Manager / Session and Startup / Application Autostart and scroll down to find Update Notifier. Uncheck it.

By doing that, you will not actually remove the program and it is possible that, however unlikely, someday you and I might actually need it. If you just leave it there, it does no harm and could be reactivated sometime in the future.

That’s what I have done on all of my computers. I hope that this has been of some interest to you.



When you remove EOS Update Notifier with

sudo pacman -R eos-update-notifier

don’t forget to clean up the systemd service and timer:

systemctl --user disable eos-update-notifier.service
systemctl --user disable eos-update-notifier.timer

Check the directory ~/.config/systemd/user if there are eos-update-notifier.service and eos-update-notifier.timer there, and if they exist, delete them:

rm ~/.config/systemd/user/eos-update-notifier.service
rm ~/.config/systemd/user/eos-update-notifier.timer

It’s better to uninstall it if you are not using it. If you change your mind at some point, you can easily install it again.


I usually uncheck the box when installing now. I don’t even bother bringing it on board.

As others have said, I wouldn’t uninstall it, just disable it. One feature request I would make though is to only notify for security related updates.

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Pacman does not support partial updates. It is designed by the developers of Arch, and we are not going to change this for EndeavourOS (unless Arch devs change the design, which is very unlikely).

Not asking for a partial update. Arch repositories update so rapidly that I can generally assume there will always be updates available. What I’d like to know is if any of the available updates are security related. I would still do a full update. It’s just that, knowing that one or more of the available updates are security related would make doing the update a higher priority.

As far as I know, pacman does not support finding if any of the updates are security updates.

I think they’re listed here…

Pacman does not support indicating those security updates.
To support this, pacman should e.g. parse those lists.

We have no plans to create that support. But if Arch starts supporting it e.g. in pacman, then that would be a way to get that info.

By contacting pacman devs you’d get more information about their future plans.

By the way, maybe package arch-audit-gtk provides what you are looking for.
I haven’t used it yet, so don’t know how good it is.

Another similar is arch-audit.


Yea, I’m giving that a try now. :slight_smile:

Actually, arch-audit-gtk is exactly what I was looking for…

Unfortunately, this does not work in KDE. I would also like to quiet the program.

Or is it possible to give the update notifier scheduler a checkbox to disable the timer?

If you don’t need update notifier, simply uninstall it.
For me adding a checkbox to disable the timer sounds like an unnecessary and error prone feature.