Eos-update-notifier 'system-software-update' icon missing

Whenever the eos-update-notifier notification appears I’ll get a small error in my ~/.xsession-errors saying WARNING: No icon found in path: 'system-software-update'
Anyone know how to fix this/get the icon?

It would help to have some more information:

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Could you show the output of command

ls /usr/share/icons

EDIT: the icon is available in many icon theme packages, e.g. adwaita, paper, qogir, and breeze.

eos-update-notifier version 1.15-1 has a setting UpdateNotifyIcon in file /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf. You can change the value to an icon name/file of your choice.

Thanks, I changed the icon and it works now!

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