Eos-update-notifier configuration

I’ve configured eos-update-notifier to check for updates weekly but i think it’s checking for updates after each boot

Is it that the first check after system startup settings is for each boot ? If yes what should i put in it to only use the check period setting

604800 seconds


I thought 0sec means without any delay after system startup :smiling_face_with_tear:

This article didn’t include info about that setting in the new GUI way. Maybe it needs an small update

Btw Thank you

yes i am not 100% bsure about all settings… but article should get cleaned up a bit indeed.
May @manuel can clearify…

The best way to configure it is to edit file
and comment out line
by adding # in the beginning of that line.

Then run

systemctl --user daemon-reload
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From the eos-article :

I didn’t stop and disable the service before modifying the file.
I just followed your instructions, will it take care of everything or do i need to redo the steps as said in the article?

Looks like that text needs changing, thanks for the heads up!
The service need not be stopped. Simply change the file and reload the service as presented here above.

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Can’t we add a checkbox to enable or disable the functions? Or just have a checkbox for “First check after system startup”. If it’s checked it runs if it’s unchecked we comment out the line.

We could, and it would be rather simple to do.
But the future of the update notifier is not clear yet.

Seems that linux veterans usually do not need nor want an update notifier on an Arch based distro. And users new to Arch based distros often are interested in having it.

We need to find out how much the update notifier is used/needed/wanted.
Could have a poll… :wink:


Based on my own experience. When I first started using Arch/Endeavour I kept forgetting to update but the notification helped. But with time and experience, I’ve gotten into a routine of updating once per week. Mostly on Friday or Saturday.

I would say keep the notifier. Endeavour is built to make things a bit easier for the user and any veteran can just remove/disable it.


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