Eos-update-nofifier error dialog box on start

Hello !

I created an ISO based on latest git revision, and I got a big dialog box with an error related to eos-update-notifier:


Any idea?

wget is installed ?

You probably don’t have wget installed.

@FredBezies this belongs in the moderators category. (I can’t move it now, because it may come across as rude to @anotherusername)

Strange. Wget should be installed when you have eos-update-notifier installed.
So it might be a temporary internet problem, or a server problem?

Stinks like a server problem. Got it only once :frowning:

I hesitated a lot :frowning:


BTW, nice to see you back here! :smile:

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@FredBezies what @Bryanpwo want to say is that we are currently under heavy development at GitHub, so ISO is nothing ready at the current state…

@anotherusername = Debdut Chakraborty
from Telegram Group…

Ouch! I was too far from the project recently. My bad!

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I am not upset with you:wink:


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