Eos-reboot-required.hook missing some kernels

Would it be possible to add the linux-lqx pattern to the eos-reboot-required.hook from eos-bash-shared?

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And thanks for the question. By default we support only the official packages .

But you are free to modify the contents of that file in your system (after all, your system, your rules). Then, on possible updates to this file, you need to merge your changes.

That’s fair. I realized afterwards that it was a separate repo and I guess I was surprised to see it was a simple pattern match on the package name and not some other metadata, i.e. “hey PKGBUILD called dract/install-kernels” for example.

I ended up at liquorix from the official Arch wiki when trying to find out what this ‘zen kernel’ people on Matrix were talking about, and I’m still not clear on the details between zen and lqx, but it seems to work fine!


You could make a hook for the linux-lqx in /etc/pacman.d/hooks.

Doing so, you wouldn’t need to bother that the changes you have made to eos-reboot-required.hook will be overwritten on future updates to that file.

What a lot of the hooks for kernels do is use a path trigger. Something like this:

Type = Path
Operation = Install
Operation = Upgrade
Target = usr/lib/modules/*/vmlinuz

If you need the specific name of the kernel, you can use pkgbase instead of vmlinuz.

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