Eos-reboot-required.hook fails

Today I received an update for linux-lts and got the following error message:

(7/8) Check if user should be informed about rebooting after certain system package upgrades.
Fehler: Befehl konnte nicht korrekt ausgeführt werden

I dont know what is causing this.

I have to add:

I received this error at two occasions:
1st: With a running linux-lts kernel and doing an update to linux-zen and then
2nd: with a runnung linux-zen kernel and updating linux-lts.

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Well, you’re not alone; some others have noticed this as well:

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Thanks for the report! :+1:
I can see the same problem here. Will examine this as soon as possible.


Found the problem. Fortunately it was not causing any wrong operations, but just an annoying error message.

The fixed version of eos-hooks is 1.4.16-1. It is already on some of the mirrors.

Thanks again for reporting it! :sweat_smile:


It works for me!

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