Eos rankmirrors: process understanding

Somehow I have a problem with the accumulated files under
Ranking files accumulate there sorted by date. Beispiel „endeavouros-mirrorlist.2023.05.23-16.18.01"

If I compare the last one with the file “endeavouros-mirrorlist” I notice that both show the same date in the lower area but have a different server list.
Which one counts now?

Files like “endeavouros-mirrorlist.2023.05.23-16.18.01” etc. spam my folder. There are just more and more!
I have come to the idea to save me all this MELD-stuff and instead
just delete all the files with:

~> cd /etc/pacman.d

find . -name "*mirrorlist*" -delete

I have now deliberately omitted the Sudo.

However, I still have problems with my find command. Since I need possibly also help if that is at all everything correctly what I have thought up there.

/etc/pacman.d> find . -name "*mirrorlist.*[0-9]"
find: './gnupg/private-keys-v1.d': Permission denied
find: './gnupg/openpgp-revocs.d': Permission denied


Using find with deleting can be dangerous, but simple rm should be “safer”:

sudo rm -i /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist.20*

The -i option will make it ask for every file, just to make sure not to delete too much.
If you are sure to delete all backups, leave the -i out.

Not sure why there is an issue as i have never had any problems with mirror ranking. Sure there are a few files in the folder. When i create a new one it doesn’t overwrite the previous so it adds another. Not sure what the issue is? These are just text files and they take no space what so ever.

I just ran it now and it saved a new file base on the date and time.

Thanks for another solution!
Are they just backup files? Can I just delete them?
I have not noticed any problems with this, but?

Yes, for sure the files are small. But are the files useful. They are redundant, aren’t they?

If you say that the files are unnecessary then I know and everything is okay.

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Yes, they are simply backup files so that you have the opportunity to revert changes if needed.
If you don’t need them, you can delete them.

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