EOS on a Chromebook

Looking for pointers/tips. I was given a Dell 7486 Chromebook, and want to install EOS on it, but not sure how easy it is, or if it can be done at all as I ve never tried this. It has 64 GB eMMC storage, an Intel I3 cpu, 4 GB DDR4 memory, and an Intel 7265 dual band wireless device. Is this something that EOS can run in?
Here is the manual/specs.

I seem to recall that Chromebooks need a different BIOS. I’ve never went through the process since the one I had at the time was not included on the list. Perhaps checking out MrChromeBox will give you that start. https://wiki.mrchromebox.tech/Supported_Devices


I’ve excised ChromeOS from two out of support Toshibas using MrChromebox’s BIOS. Read up, see if your model is actually capable of a transition: https://mrchromebox.tech/ as previously mentioned

There is a subreddit they hang out in as well.

Not for the faint of heart:

  • usually you have to take apart the chromebook and remove a sticker, bolt or switch
  • Boot the thing into developer mode
  • flash a bios and hope it works

While you are inside, you might as well put a 128gb or 256gb SSD in for the 4/8/16 gb the unit came with.

Good luck!



Google Chrome 102.0.5005.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision a6c4d61e65de7622b0ff37a7dfd820a17bc4ecf7-refs/branch-heads/5005@{#1025}
Platform 14695.85.0 (Official Build) stable-channel nami
Firmware Version Google_Nami.10775.123.0

If I m correct “nami” is the board name which I don t see in the list on mrchromebox website. I was reading that I could install Linux on top of google chrome. I don t think I will go that route though.

Nami. hrm. I can find references online. Did find this reddit thread. https://www.reddit.com/r/chrultrabook/comments/ewa5iu/some_issues_on_chromebooks_with_board_name_nami/


There are probably other reddit threads with users making attempts to put linux on the devices.

Thanks. I ve gotten a lot of reddit search results, but hav e gone to none of them. In my humble opinion reddit can suck it. I don t go there anymore cause they want me to turn off my vpn.

Just came upon this video. Watching it now. Figured I’d drop the link “just in case” it helps you/someone wanting to convert their Chrome device.
Turning Chromebooks into regular laptops (37C3)

Thanks. I ll take a look.

I converted an earlier Dell Chromebook.

The other posts are correct - you have to open it up and remove a screw which makes the BIOS/bootloader read-only, boot it into developer mode, flash a new BIOS then install Linux in the usual way from a pen drive boot.

It was all a bit ropey - definitely trickier than converting a standard laptop - and I ended up wishing I had kept the Chromebook as a Chromebook so reverted it using the MrChromeBox script. (It didn’t support anything other than eMMC so the internal storage was crushingly slow).