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We might have to wait two weeks or longer for somebody to choose it as “daily driver” to get a real review. Otherwise that link only repeats information given on the official announcement, in a different way.

Let’s see if the “Distro Bloggers” review EndeavourOS! It’s because they seem to lean toward Debian-based…

Read some of their past reviews yesterday. The talk about Slackware was a little bit lame, focused too much discussing the installation and then gives poor grades for ease of use. I would have liked them to have reviewed Spiral Linux a month after, not before, the very good Sept-2022 update. Found out there are a handful of distros out there not listed on Distrowatch…

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Disappointed the “Distrohopper’s Digest” guys pretend EndeavourOS doesn’t exist, or feel they have to check out other Arch-based which “seem to be more controversial” (my words). Rather review one that is still immature (ie. issues installing stuff*), and another that comes in only one D.E. IMHO they lean toward Debian-based too much but otherwise fun reading. I focus on the reviews however, not on “personal life” stuff.

Because the latest point of the latest post on that site is 9-Feb-2023, EndeavourOS “Cassini Neo” is not listed yet among the updated.

(*) Added this in case someone else thinks I’m bashing another distro… however the guy on Distrowatch had similar issues a few months ago trying to install that same distro.

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I noticed that very few places have news or reviews about EOS. Despite this, its popularity continues to grow. I wonder why there is this contradiction? Maybe it’s really the case that users first try Manjaro, which is featured much more often, and then switch to EndeavorOS? Maybe there are people who come here from pure Arch? In any case, the user base of EOS continues to grow regardless.


Have you checked out this season of Linux User space? They reviewed Endeavour in Episode 4, discussed it in episode 5, and it’s mentioned again in episode 14 as part of a “side quest”. While EOS doesn’t get as much coverage as some other distros for sure, it’s definitely out there.

On a side note, I feel like I’ve read a lot of these posts from 9to5, ItsFoss, and others, and yes they are mostly release notes with some editorial flare.