EOS mirrorlist problem during pacman update

good evening wonderful community.
this evening I launched the usual update (sudo pacman -Syu). During the update the OS attempted to update the EOS mirrorlist. During the update it reported a problem, then the update finished without returning any errors.
Now in the /etc/pacman.d directory I have two files:

  • endeavoros-mirrorlist (with the date of the old update I did some time ago)
  • endeavouros-mirrorlist.pacnew (with today’s date: i.e. the new one created this evening during the system update).

It’s normal??? Do I have to do something manually or can I leave things as they are???
(I opened them both and at first reading it seems that only one mirror has changed: for the rest it seems that the content and structure are the same)

Yes it is normal. The pacnew file is an update to your mirrorlist. You can keep your old list if it works well.

Or you can manually merge any change you consider potentially useful.
An easy way to merge manually is with command

sudo meld /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist.pacnew

(or just use any editor for it.)

The pacnew file can be deleted.


thank you so much!!!

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