EOS lts boots into emergency mode while latest works fine

On the lts, maybe one or two days ago? And on the one I’m running now I updated as soon as this problem occurred. I think I updated the mirrors about a month ago or so. I am updating them again now.

The computer was in hibernate, and when I was starting up I just chose the lts version from the boot menu as a habit. Then it started as usual. Tried to reboot and select lts, then the same thing happened again

Do you now have linux-lts 6.1.51-1 installed, and showing in the kernel menu when you boot?

Seems like it?

pacman -Q | grep linux
archlinux-keyring 20230821-2
lib32-util-linux 2.39.2-1
linux 6.4.12.arch1-1
linux-api-headers 6.4-1
linux-firmware 20230804.7be2766d-2
linux-firmware-whence 20230804.7be2766d-2
linux-headers 6.4.12.arch1-1
linux-lts 6.1.51-1
linux-lts-headers 6.1.51-1
util-linux 2.39.2-1
util-linux-libs 2.39.2-1
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And is linux-lts 6.1.51-1 showing in the boot menu now when you turn on your computer?

No, so that might be the problem

I have no clue on how to fix this. And I don’t understand why I can select lts when I am coming from hibernate and it boots. I guess when it is waking from hibernate it is just booting back into 6.4.12 no matter what I choose?

Luckily, picking 6.4.12 works, and I don’t notice any difference. It is irritating however, especially when I forget to select the right one since lts is the default.

If you’re running systemd-boot (the default now for new EndeavourOS installations and looking at your screenshot I think you are), you can set which is the default kernel on boot with these instructions:


I tried to reinstall kernel-install-for-dracut, and ran reinstall-kernels. Still nothing.

But thanks for the link, now it doesn’t run lts by default, so that is something I guess. The problem still baffles me though

What is the difference between dracut and eos-dracut? The latter conflicts with the kernel-install-for-dracut package