EOS logo render in Blender

dear eos comrades,

Just thought about the blobby logo of eos which i really like, so I did a quick Blender render with glass shaders…
hmu if you want the blender file.

In solidarity,


I don’t use blender but this does look nice, would you have an svg format of the file at all?

Can already picture a theme and wallpaper, just need to wrestle control of the laptop from my nephews


thanks @smokey (:: Would love if you could build ontop of this… I am really curious

Anyways do you mean a .png file with transparency/ or without? Because Blender unfortunately does not support .svg file exports…

here are some .png files with some transparency:
Will also post a rotating animation of the logo soon… just needs to render…

Edit: When uploading it unfortunately automatically converts them to .jpgs…
Hmu if you want the .png files



Here you can find the animation loop (::


Going to take a while to do the wallpaper I get way too fussy with it but is it okay if I turn this into a splash screen for plasma?

Also not to sound fussy but since you have the source could you make this to a gif? Just way easier to work with


hey hey,

Oh that sounds wonderful (:: I am using plasma myself and I would love to see that… so sure I will turn it into a gif, how should I send it to you?


Anywhere you can upload it, thanks
Edit - higher quality the better, even though I’m pretty sur the splash limits the resolution/dpi

should it have alpha background or just white/black background? or will you color key that out anyways?

Alpha/transparent background will work best. the splash screen overlays images

Hey I’ve been having some issues with my screens . Download a f explore a splash screen you’ll figure it out quickly I reckon. If you still need help I’m heree

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Thanks for the tip! can u explain? Is f explore a programm? could not find it… or should i just change the splash screen in the system settings?

Also could not render the sequence with the alpha background out yet… have too much work atm… hope I can find time soon…

Thank you

This is one I put together a while ago, there are others on there too, if you explore the directories you’ll find the images that you will need to replace. A simple way to change them is to rename the image you wish to use the same as the existing one. If you wish to backup the original images rename the file instead of overwriting it.
I hope this makes sense