I did a download of the iso EndeavourOS_Artemis_neo_22_8.iso, and checked it against the sha512 checksum (result ok).
The live image started alright, but I was unable to start the installer. While running eos-install-mode-run-calamares from a terminal, I received an error

eos-install-mode-run-calamares: line 58: [: missing `]’

thanks for the distro, and for help.

That isn’t intended to be run directly.

What happens if you try to launch it from welcome?

a popup appears offering the choice online or offline. In both cases, when pushing the button, the dialog disappears and another window/dialog briefly appears and disappears. Then nothing happens anymore…
thx for quick answer / reply

Are you trying to do an offline install or an online install?

I have tried both, but it didn’t work (see above). Considering the grub problem, my first try was to go for an online install.

Try this:

sudo cp /etc/calamares/settings_online.conf /etc/calamares/settings.conf
sudo calamares -D8 | tee endeavour-install.log

okay, thanks! I’ll have a go at this later tonight or tomorrow very early. I’ll keep you - of course - posted.

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  • relaunched the live image.
  • opened the terminal
  • executed first command you indicated (sudo cp…)
    (no output, nor error messages)
  • executed second command (sudo calamares…)
    this resulted in a double error message as follows:
  1. bash : input/output error
  2. calamares : input/output error

executed again via welcome, and as expected, the installer did not launch after using the button.

as even an ls command in terminal generated the “input/output” error, I’m recreating the usb and will try again.

with the ‘new’ live usb, the installer starts and the process goes well till the moment I need to insert the user name for the system to be created. Right after having typed one character, calamares disappears.
I will try again tomorrow with an older iso from EndeavourOS_Atlantis_neo-21_5 to compare.

That sounds like a failing USB drive.

Try a different USB drive and make sure you aren’t using ventoy.

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Will do. Thanks for the tip(s) and info !

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Done, using a new USB for the live image, and a new external usb drive. It was indeed the usb stick for the live image that caused the problems. Well seen @dalto and big thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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