EoS initial wallpaper installer (wallpaper-once) not work

I tried several clean installations of EoS (xfce-vanilla option) and every time I rebooted I had the EoS Atlantis wallpaper as my desktop wallpaper.

now after finishing my tests and decided to install permanently EoS (xfce-vanilla option) and after the restart I find the desktop of xfce and no longer that of Eos Antilatis

is this normal or have I broken the installation of EoS?

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If one was an online install and the other an offline install this is the case.

online installation ( excuse me, I thought I had written it)

Both times using the same procedures?


Hmm…not sure been a while since I installed XFCE. Regardless if you want the EndeavourOS theming you can add it via the welcome app as well as additional wallpapers.

I know how to add EoS themes.

But I was wondering why I could see the EoS wallpaper before and not anymore?

I forget which is which but between offline installs and online installs of XFCE one has theming and one is vanilla (plain). It sounds like you did two different installs one online and one offline. So if one had the theming as well as the wallpaper and the other has neither this is a possibility. If the exact same thing was done twice you should have gotten the same result.

I have always installed online, never offline.

every time I got the background of EoS Atlantis.

Only now that I decided to install it permanently I find the background of xfce

This happened to me aswell, but it’s because I switched over to the LTS kernel and for some reason it wasn’t applied there.

It’s easy enough to fix though, just go to settings manager > desktop > background > select folder and browse to /usr/share/endeavouros/backgrounds

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sorry if I answer with some delay

yes I did some testing and noticed that you are right @lucidae.

thanks guys