EOS Gemini: "We switched from Nvidia-dkms to Nvidia packages"

Hello friends.

I was looking for information about the important changes in the latest EOS Gemini update and I found this EOS website and saw these changes for the ISO:


We switched from Nvidia-dkms to Nvidia packages – The Nvidia-dkms was causing issues, like freezing the Live environment when Nvidia boot was chosen on the ISO.


  • added support for installing a non-dkms Nvidia driver

But I’m a noob and I always get confused with Nvidia drivers.

Here, in the forum, they have always recommended me to install nvidia-dkms, apparently it is better for games and 3d, correct?

(I really don’t know what difference there is between the proprietary “nvidia” drivers and the proprietary “nvidia-dkms” drivers.)

But if I need to reinstall EOS from the official ISO in the future, and I choose the “install with NVIDIA” option, the “nvidia” drivers will be installed instead of “nvidia-dkms”, correct?

So if I install EOS with that option and then I need to install the “nvidia-dkms”, I have to install and run “nvidia-inst”, but the next time it will have 2 versions of drivers, “nvidia” and “nvidia-dkms”?

Because in the previous ISO I could only install EOS with the “install with NVIDIA driver” option from grub, I could not install with the default Nouveau drivers because the screen would go black and my EOS would get stuck.

But well, in summary, what I would really like to know, for EOS KDE 6.0, for my nvidia gtx 1050 ti, for gaming and 3D rendering, are the “nvidia” or “nvidia-dkms” drivers better?

(because there they say that they have withdrawn the “dkms” version of the ISO due to some specific problems, but maybe it is that now the “nvidia” version is better or something)

Thanks in advance friends!

The driver is the same either way.

The change we made relates to the install process.

If what you have is working, there is no reason to switch.

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Thank you Mr.Dalto! :smiley:

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