EOS /etc/default/grub Out of Order

  • EOS’s /etc/default/grub is somewhat messy by default. GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=" edit here is partly due to this. Duplicate, out of place entries at the bottom:

Hi! I just checked the non encrypted install and didn’t see… What exactly is duplicated when you use encryption?

That’s calamares config way. I won’t touch it, don’t want to risk breaking anything.

Have only tested the encrypted install myself.

ENABLE_CRYPTODISK=Y is present twice. One commented, one uncommented.

Oh, alright then! No problem. :+1:

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ok, so the default grub config comes with it commented. Calamares add the option to the bottom. Similar to locale config, calamares doesn’t uncomment the selected language, it actually adds to the bottom of the file, so duplicates as you say…