EOS Developer and Calamares Repositories Replaced: 404

Please update your servers across the entire project (i.e. Here.)

Spontaneous changes break things. :face_with_head_bandage:

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It’s working for me.


Everythings fine for me. But nevertheless thank you for helping to make EndeavourOS better! That had to be said, as long as he wants to help the project, right?


For sure … i was just informing its working for me.

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Can’t reach either server, 404 on both.

Edit: Calamares is reachable now? Odd.

  1. Calamares.

  2. Developer Repo.


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We are working on it for the next ISO…
You could always use our latest ISO from december !

Be patient please until the next Release on Febuary.


That repo isn’t used for a long time, it’s commented at our archiso folder, in case you face the problem building the iso please “git pull” to get latest updates.

In case you have in your real system, comment the repo at /etc/pacman.conf or simply purge it.

Calamares repo had a minor change in less than 20 minutes, i guess your timing was bad then…

Let me know if you need any help.

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