'eos-apps-info' ignores default browser selection and won't let me visit links


I am using EndeavourOS KDE. In my KDE settings Firefox is set as my default web browser.
This works everywhere but with the ‘EndeavourOS apps info’ (eos-apps-info) application.

EndeavourOS apps info tries to open every entry with Waterfox (which I uninstalled a while ago).
After using KFind and searching for “Waterfox” and deleting everything left behind…
EndeavourOS apps info now tries to open every link with winebrowser! (Which does not work I just see the winebrowser icon in the taskbar trying to load.)

Is there a way to reset ‘eos-apps-info’ and make it follow my default browser selection again

By default eos-apps-info is using xdg-open to open files.
But you can configure it in file /etc/eos-apps-info.conf, variable EOS_APPS_INFO_BROWSER.


Thank you!

Interestingly enough

xdg-open "http://www.example.com"

is already set to open everything with Firefox by default.

For anyone in the future having the same issue:
I followed this guide https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/wine#Unregister_existing_Wine_file_associations and now I was able to select Firefox again as a default browser after clicking on a link in eos-apps-info. So I guess my issue was Wine (and maybe before that with Waterfox).

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