Enjoy your Easter weekend everyone

It’s Easter weekend and for most of us, this means having a long weekend to enjoy some extra time with your loved ones or perhaps preparing your garden or balcony (if you have one) ready for spring/summer or just spend some time enjoying nature.
Of course, this also gives you the opportunity to dive deeper into your favourite system.


You all have noticed that the websites have received a fresh new look and also the forum underwent a light refresh, especially the light theme.

The light theme is less bright now and the readability of the text and icons are improved. Also, the category and highlighted text, like the community names, are in purple now.

The biggest change is for Discovery, our magazine that was inactive for the last 7 months. The idea behind Discovery was always to give you the opportunity to explore the system with articles and tutorials but due to lack of writers for it, the idea got stranded.

I didn’t want to throw the idea behind Discovery directly into the bin, so it has been given a second life, now serving as our knowledge base for both x86-64 as ARM systems.
Over there you can find our wiki articles and video tutorials from EF Linux made easy, Chris Titus tech, DistroTube and the Tech Hut.

At the time of writing this post, the video tutorials aren’t available yet, but they will be on Monday the 5th of April at the latest. Because of the Easter message, I didn’t wait until they are available.

To have a look just click over here.

Bug-fixed release

In our previous post, we informed you about the bug in the February release and that it was our goal to release it this week.

As usual, when you try to fix one bug, another one follows but the ISO is close for release. At this moment we are trying to decide if we will release an interim release that fixed the Welcome app bug or launch the brand new ISO with the two community editions on it.

Happy Easter

From the entire team, we wish you a happy Easter weekend and enjoy your time with your loved ones and whatever you’ve planned to do.


Happy Easter everyone!


Happy Easter! Em português :portugal: Feliz Páscoa: Bom fim-de-semana de Páscoa


French translation: Profitez tous de votre week-end de Pâques


Happy Easter everyone!

:egg: :rabbit: :latin_cross:


All I needed was another excuse to eat more choclate! Oh well…
:rabbit2: :egg: :whale:


Happy Easter! :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar:


Happy easter on the West Coast!