Endvoure OS - paketmanager install


Question: why does endevourOS not come with one
App installer therefore, like “package manager”?

? how can I easily install the “package manager”?
via terminal?

Generally, it is un-praiseworthy if you do not have a package manager
provides as antergos had done.
So you can install a pure Arch Linux right now? only mine

Thank you for your effort


yay -S pamac-aur

yay -S picaur
yay -S pikaur

Not for now. Pamac-aur doesn’t seem to integrate bugfix for https://gitlab.manjaro.org/applications/pamac/issues/649


yay -S pamac-aur-git


there is also a sort of package managers !

From repo :

mayby not the best discover (with the optional deps, is for kde) & gnome-software, bit bloat a more cursed/cli pcurses

aur :slight_smile:
1 pamac-aur
2 tkpacman , a tcl/tk debian a like ui works on pacman. stable
3 octopi , qt5 based

not so stable but mentioned
Thepackage is for theshell Desktop environment
Vpacman , a tk/tcl pacmanxg clone , alpha dev looks promesing bt current is kinda unstable.


There is a package manager - pacman :wink:

What you want is some GUI helper – and as there are many different ones they let you choose which one you want to use. Yay (a pacman wrapper for aur) is included to get you started

Well I would say it’s the opposite.


But basicly, endeavouros choosed this way you have yay & pacman, also thats also currently the best.

to have a clean experience and also to learn the basics. Those experience you can reach further as user also. There are many options. But here on forum or telegram always open to help.

is just the installation basicly give a cleaner option, like pamac or other expernal packahgemangers can have also issues upstream and is more dificult in a way when you ran in issues.


Question: Why is there no endvour OS
Option like the package manager = out of the box …
for example: (a GUI)

Antergos had this option and was very helpful to users

I hardly believe that Endeveour OS with this strategy
will come - I suspect that the project in
few months / years will die, like swag-linux, antergos

If I want a naked system … I’ll take Arch right away.
Why an endvour OS

should be considered only a small criticism - I will for my part
Endvour OS from the hard drive and delete me one
to put another distribution

i am very pissed off because Antergos really is a user friendly
Distribution was -

Endevour OS is not a substitute for Antergos -… I’m sorry … but this one
entire project is doomed to failure -
Incomprehensible to me as a user,
why not install a graphical package manager?

Who does not want a graphic … can then de-install
or use an Arch Linux right away?

I’d rather pay € for Manjaro … but then I have less
Or install a Mint xfce

RIP Antergos … beautiful was the time

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hello,like anyone, you want butter and buttery

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I’m very sorry you feel like that, EndeavourOS is not a substitute for Antergos, that’s correct. We deliberately chose this strategy because our friends at RebornOS already offer the ready to go experience.

I really hope you didn’t lost your faith in Linux, because Linux is all about choices and you’ve tried EndeavourOS to find out it doesn’t suit your needs, try RebornOS and maybe that’s the distro for you. That’s the beauty of Linux, I’m sure you will find your place with a distro within Linux.


Okay guys, calm down, everyone is entitled to an opinion. EOS is not for the OP and is moving on to a Linux adventure that suits him/her better.

Let’s keep our heads cool and for the lovers, there is a very exciting time ahead of us, so keep an eye out on the announcements.:grinning::smiley:

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sorry :wink:

No worries, how can I be mad at a person that defends us so passionately…:heart_eyes:

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@Angebot11 Welcome to EndeavourOS. I hope you don’t give up right out of the box. I am a former Antergos user also and that is the reason i have switched to Endeavour. Not because it’s a replacement for Antergos but because of the community. Before i found Antergos i had tried and used every distro i could get my hands on and then there was Arch. Antergos got me onto Arch without the difficulty of the learning curve. I found out how good Arch was and i was hooked but what i really found was that it had a user base that really cared and shared in helping users of ALL levels. It was a breath of fresh air and a place where you learned more by reading, listening and interacting. This is the basis of EndeavourOS. It has a friendly helpful community interested in helping users install and learn how to use and maintain an Arch based Linux system. It is very easy to install a GUI package manager (Pamac) if that is what you prefer. I have it installed myself but i use mostly pacman which is the defacto package manager used via the terminal. This is how you learn to use and maintain Arch and any Linux based OS. In order to maintain and fix issues you have to learn and use the terminal sometimes. I use pacman a lot but i also use yay which is a pacman helper that does the AUR packages also.This comes preinstalled in EndeavourOS along with pacman package manager. So to install a GUI package manager you can use yay. The GUI package manager(Pamac) for pacman is an AUR package so you have to use yay to install it.

yay -S pamac

If you are unfamiliar with the terminal don’t let that get in the way. We are here to help you learn. You will find that this is the most gratifying thing you will have ever done and you will want to learn more. EndeavourOS is awesome. Give it a try and after some time you will see how easy it can be. With the tools that are included in EndeavourOS you can install almost anything you want. So all i am asking is don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Once you get into it you might be surprised.

EndeavourOS is not just Arch installed. It is more than that but you won’t know it until you try it and give it some time. We are here to help anyone who wants it. Please don’t give up on something because it’s not what you are used to. Change is good! :smiley:



Hi use this one with no problems
yay -S pamac-classic


Too based it is based on pamac 5.x code. Well if I remember well, first pamac-classic version were based on it.