EnDOS, dual boot install w/ Pop > DEAD

Yah it’s me again, second time I install with Pop OS on same drive, use existing boot/EFI partition (no format) = both OS will not start (pop = no login/grey, EnD=black, no response to alt-crtl-f-this).

On positive side, I now have a full up EnDOS install on my daily desktop (too afraid on hybrid NV laptop tho, waiting next ISO). What on earth could be going on with EFI partition to kill both OS dead??

At this point IDC, I’m full on Endevour, just passing along this oddity
(yep, I also donated :-)) Love, D3v

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An unqualified guess: Could it be due to the fact that that Pop OS uses systemd-boot and writes the kernel images to ESP? Did you use Grub in your EnOS?

Since both OSes are booting(to a point), it doesn’t seem likely that this is related to the efi partition.

That shouldn’t matter.

I would start by troubleshooting these as separate issues. It seems likely the EOS issue is realted to video drivers.

Can we see an inxi -Fxxxz?

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already wiped whole thing, took a day but EnDOS is up and running fine (by itself)

If you have any other issues please create a new post and topic.

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