EndeavourOS: when i move mouse, screen move too?

dear community

somehow i hit some combo of keys that make it so when I move the mouse left the whole screen moves left or right.The screen is very large now and I don’t think I have a use for scroll bars as it seems like the whole page loads to the screen.

It does it when I am not on web pages too. I don’t know any shortcut combo keys in Endeavour or Linux.

note, we were hitting Strg & “+” to get a larger screen - but somehow now we re landed in this behavior.

look forward to hear from you

It sounds like you are triggering the zoom accessibility feature. I’m guessing you are using kde plasma. I believe by default super + zooms in and super - zooms out. Super key plus the + key and Super key plus the - key.

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Are you able to confirm your currently set screen resolution matches your display’s normal resolution?

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good day you both - sorry for the delay. well - to zoom out and in is possible - but really. the whole screen is moving (/besides the zoomed in and zoomed out mode)

@Blink - well probably this is going wrong - where can i look for these settings!?
i need to look at the corresponding register-settings - for this setup.

where - can i look and btw: does one of the following command help here: see some that may help here:

On Linux based system we might do some thing to get the hardware information: it can be extracted from /proc file system, That said - we can do more - eg. for example display CPU and memory hardware information, enter the following cat command:

cat /proc/meminfo
cat /proc/cpuinfo

well what do you say - probably this may help here:

or the following:

how to do a Dump of really all hardware information

the following command to see the motherboard, cpu, vendor, serial-numbers, RAM, disks, and other information directly from the system BIOS:

# dmidecode | less

well what do you say - probably this may help here:

or the following:

Inxi command

Linux command-line system information script called the inxi command to dump information on the screen, run:

inxi -Fx

i think that the last one - may fit - what do you say!?

I’d suggest sharing the output link from this command to provide a full hardware list:

inxi -Fxxc0z | eos-sendlog

And the output of this command to share your current (detected) and supported display resolutions:


If you’re using KDE/Plasma, you might also right-click on your desktop and select Display Configuration. Then, using the hopefully installed Spectacle tool, take a screenshot of just that window, and share it.