"EndeavourOS Update Notifier" notification doesn't work

Hello everyone,

When the notification for new updates appears and I click on the “Update” button at the bottom right of it, nothing happens…

It was already erratic under Plasma 5, but it was working at least…

Is there something to do or should I file a bug report ?




Thanks for the report!
I’ll check this as soon as possible.

Meanwhile I’d recommend using one of commands

  • sudo pacman -Syu (updates only native packages)
  • yay (updates native and AUR packages)
  • paru (updates native and AUR packages)
  • eos-update --aur (updates native and AUR packages)

for updating the system.

Note that packages will get updates many times a day, so the notifier would not really be needed. Using the commands above (daily, weekly, … you choose when!) should be enough to keep your system updated.


glitch or no glitch I would have to agree w/@manuel to use the terminal. in my experience, distros do the best they can with little gui’s like this for the package management…but in the end the middleman always shorts out and cannot be relied on as dependably as terminal commands. two cents.

edit: I will also confess I was like Linus and his Blanket about the eos-notifiers after my install, I liked they were there until I learned the lay of the land. I was fearful to hit the ‘disable’ button but eventually I did.

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