EndeavourOS stutters and lags every 1 second

I wanted to test out EndeavourOS in a virtual machine, so I installed it using the KDE desktop environment. Everything installed fine, and booted up normally, but when I got to the desktop, I noticed that clicking on buttons and stuff was delayed or just didn’t register. I moved some windows around and noticed that they would ‘teleport’ as the desktop was lagging. My host’s performance was fine, and wasn’t using much resources. Whenever I typed something, sometimes it would be repeated (for example tttttttthis) and the VM was practically unusable.
I later reinstalled this distro but I used Cinnamon as it was lighter. Same problem, but less pronounced.
The text repetition wasn’t as bad, but the windows still lagged.

This doesn’t happen on any other distro I’ve tried, not even other Arch based distros.
What can I do? (videos attached)

Intel Core i7-1165G7 4 core (2 allocated to vm)
16GB RAM (5GB allocated to vm)
Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics

http://ix.io/4GpN (VM)
http://ix.io/4GpO (VM hardware info)
image (partition and format info)
rest of the logs (limit of 5 links) https://pastebin.com/N0zwyXey