EndeavourOS on OrangePi 5

I recently bought and OrangePi 5 and would like to try EndeavourOS on it. Compared to the Raspberry Pi 4 B, this little machines rocks, big time.


Were you successful in installing the EndeavourOS ARM build?

Do you have an Orange Pi 5 or an Orange Pi 5 Plus ?
The Orange Pi 5 has a Rockchip RK3588S processor.
The Orange Pi 5 Plus has a Rockchip RK3588 processor.
Notice the S suffix or lack of the S suffix on the two processors.

I think that the RK3588S and the RK3588 processors require different Kernels.

Archlinux ARM does not offer kernels and u-boot for either one.

BredOS is an Archlinux ARM based distribution, and they offer an image for the Orange Pi Plus

I agree that the RK3588 / RK3588S processors are a great setup.
I currently have a Radxa Rock 5B (RK3588) on EndeavourOS , KDE Plasma, and x11

By far the fastest & most capable ARM SOC I have used so far.
I am working on providing an image for the Radxa Rock 5B, but I have problems with VIdeo Drivers and Wayland at the moment which need to be worked out.

That will not work with Orange Pi 5 or Orange Pi 5 Plus.


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Don’t we all? Don’t we all…? :rofl:

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Haven’t yet done that, waiting for an M.2 20x30 I ordered to try it.

Hi, I haven’t tried to install EOS on the OrangePi 5, I’m waiting for an M.2 NVMe drive I ordered. I want to install it on that.

Pudge, my Pi 5 is just a 5.

on the orange Pi-Website in forum a user says he have installed Arch on orange pi :
so eos should be also possible!

Greets eoz

When you get it to work, please announce it here in the forum as well. My Rock 5B gathers dust atm for lack of a decent distribution for it.

Danke @EOZ, I’ll check that out.

Will do.