EndeavourOS Newbie

Hello to all you members of the EndeavourOS community out there. I am a complete newbie, and I’m looking very much forward to what I am going to learn here in the future.
Thanks for letting me in.


Welcome, enjoy your time!

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Welcome to EnOS’ community!

Please take your time to get to know your system and follow the KISS philosophy of Arch Linux and you will have a nice ride.

Here I put some links for you to help you on with knowing your system and with using it smoothly:

How to run a stress-free EndeavourOS

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Welcome to the :enos:-Forum :rocketa_purple:

Enjoy the purple ride :enos:

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no finer place for learning, asking, and laughing :+1:


Welcome! First places to go to learn.


Use the man pages i.e.

man pacman


Welcome @bigtwinkurt, have a good time here!

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Thanks for warm welcome!!


Welcome aboard! This forum is awesome. Welcoming, great folks here. I’ve been here about a week and couldn’t be happier.


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Welcome @bigtwinkurt :smiley: Nice username :wink:

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Thanks for welcome !!
The bigtwinkurt is a connection between Kurt, of course, and the two cylinders of my motorcycle :grinning:
Very happy to be a member of the community !!

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Hi ricklinux, thanks for welcoming me​:grinning:
Very happy to be on board.

Thanks, Omig for welcoming me. Very happy to be aboard. :grinning:

Thanks pebcak for welcoming me and for the clues. Very happy to be on board. :grinning:

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Thanks, swh, for welcoming me. Very nice community here. Happy to be on board. :grinning:

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Nice to meet you @bigtwinkurt
We all started out as newbies. :slight_smile:

There are knowledgeable people here who are willing to help, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.

There are lots of different topics in the forum: from technobabble to jokes or memes, from photo’s to music, from biking to purchases.

The aim is to have, and to be, a friendly community.

Have a good time here.


When you say you are a complete newbie what does that mean? You are new to EndeavourOS? New to an Arch based linux distro or new to linux period as in never having used it before?

Hi Rick,
no, I‘m not a complete newbie at all.
I‘m a typical Linux hopper.
Have tried many distros, was happy, but not really happy :grinning:.
Always missed something. I’ve been sneakin’ around Arch, but didn‘t have the guts to get into it.
It‘s different now. EndeavourOS seems to be just the right Distro for me. I like to decide myself what packages I need. I‘m Terminal fixed AND, OF COURSE , the Forum.
That convinced me in the end ….
Friendly people, who don‘t make a fuss about their huge knowlege of Arch and EndeavourOS.
So now you know.
Thanks for asking, we‘ ll surely meet again.


Hi @bigtwinkurt to the dark side, there’s no going back. :wave:

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