EndeavourOS New ISO for tomorrow?


I was wondering if the EndeavourOS team plans to release a new ISO for the Plasma 6.1 official update tomorrow? It is a pretty important update with the advent of explicit sync (and for NVIDIA users!). I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I’m sorry if this is in the wrong area!

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I don’t think we need a new ISO for that, specifically.

If you choose online install, you will automatically get whatever version is the current version in the repos.

If you choose an offline install, you can update to it after the install.


I am aware that you can do this, I was just curious if there were plans.

Also, there usually is a delay when the packages completely appear in the Arch repo. It might be that 6.1 will be completely available within 2 weeks and not immediately tomorrow.


There are no plans to release an ISO specifically for plasma 6.1, no.


Thanks for the information!


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