EndeavourOS Matrix community and chat rooms

Hi, I have created an EndevourOS Matrix community with an english (bridged with ##endeavouros IRC Freenode channel) and a german speaking room. Feel free to create an EndevourOS room in your native language, so we can add it to the Matrix community.

You are welcome to join.


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First of all welcome to the community.
It would’ve been nice if you asked @fernandomaroto, @joekamprad,@manuel or my permission to do this.

The channel in its current state looks like it’s an official channel of ours, while it’s not. We started this distro in July and we’re in the middle of building up a distro and a team, this takes time and with time comes trust.
We do appreciate any form of involvement but before we make someone responsible for a channel like yours, you have to communicate with us and gain our trust.

I hope you understand our point of view.


Thank you. I added “unofficial” to the title. Is that okay?

Why didn’t you comuunicate this idea with us?

Because we already had an english and german Matrix room for Antergos. @joekamprad was also a Mod in the german Matrix room.

We’re EndeavourOS with a new group of devs, you could’ve just talked about it with us instead of opening it on your own. I’m far from amused with this action.


Oh, oh, he’s really pissed. :wink:

On the one hand this is understandable, Bryan has also explained it clearly.

On the other hand, the term “endeavouros” is not legally protected as a brand - right?

Something like that does not cost little and would have to be defended in case of a serious incident, which costs even more. With “endeavour” one would have very bad cards anyway (well, one shouldn’t do something like that anyway).

Just having registered a domain has nothing to do with it.

Btw., which site is the original Lubuntu related?
lubuntu.net or lubuntu.me? Hard to say, right? :wink: And they don’t like each other. Lubuntu is after all a protected term.

In other words, it would be very difficult to stop any fan groups, websites or the like.

Whereby one really doesn’t have to chase after all social stuff.

Thank you for your clarification… ofcourse I know EndeavourOS isn’t a protected brand, that’s not the point. And I know we can’t stop people from opening “fansites”.

The point is: Just talk to us before you do, what’s the point of starting an EndeavourOS channel when you don’t have the original devs backing you.

The point is, that no original devs are needed, because also the users can help each other.

Also I think a proprietary software like Telegram contradicts the values of an open Linux community.

I read in this forum, that is asked for a Matrix bridge to the official Telegram channel. If the Matrix room would bridged to the Telegram channel, we would have official devs inside.

Where is the problem if users create EndeavorOS channels in their preferred chat software? It is compliment for EndeavourOS. If they need support from official devs they can join the Telegram channel or ask in the forum.

I also think there are people out there, that will not join the Telegram channel, because Telegram is proprietary. Official developers in the channel or not.

The point is not all these channels are needed. What is the point of having an EndeavourOS forum if everyone is just going to go to some other corner of the web and talk amongst themselves on all different platforms. It is not beneficial. I agree with you @Bryanpwo and most would accept someone’s wishes when asked for the reasons stated. They didn’t start EndeavourOS and they don’t have the right to just decide what should be when it’s not in the best interests of EndeavourOS. They should ask and accept the answers given.


You don’t understand my point, it’s all about common decency to talk with us BEFORE opening a channel on your own.

Decency as in: Hey Joe, Bryan , Manuel or Fernando, I want to open a Matrix chatroom are you okay with that?

Before my original answer, I didn’t know you and Joe knew each other. It could’ve been so easy for you to simply talk to Joe and you could even do that in German, how comfortable is that?
If you’ve had done that you wouldn’t have three other FOUNDING devs against you.

Again, I’m mad about the lack of decency you’ve shown, not because of the channel or legal rights. Just old fashion DECENCY, or did that go out of the window somewhere along the line?
I agree that you don’t need us to run a chat channel but wouldn’t it be nice if you can see us eye to eye and that there are mutual respect and understanding between us?

Joe is fine with you running this chat channel and if you need any support (again, the advantage if you talked with us) you can ask him.

It’s a pity you did it like you did because we’re open for any idea and as for that Telegram matrix bridge you referred to. We did ask the community and there wasn’t much interest and people who wanted to maintain it. This was in a time when we had the challenge to launch the net-installer and that was the first thing on our agenda.

We’re not there yet, but things are settling down now and we’re open to communicating about community effort as long as the plan is executable. We and me in particular aren’t unreasonable, just talk to us before you do something.