EndeavourOS made it in the Distrowatch database

Please get voting on Projects waiting evaluation on distrowatch.com for endeavour.


Got my vote. I am really getting excited for the release. Things have been butter so far in VirtualBox, which only makes me more giddy to install EndeavourOS on my ThinkPad.

…was surprised to see many distributions landed on that list some long time back

EndeavourOS (submitted on 2019-07-08)
18 votes

Projects which receive the most Recommend votes and have been on our waiting list for a year will usually be evaluated first.

may we got on the list faster, as we are the youngest on the list of " Projects waiting evaluation: "

vote now and lets reach 1000 recommendations! :innocent:


23rd vote!

Come on people pull your finger out and get voting. EndeavourOS (submitted on 2019-07-08)
29 votes

#30 :innocent:

So, I did my part.

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Well Done.

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Done, now at 32 :+1:

Well done voter.

I just added my recommendation. I am a bit disappointed to see that so far there are only 36 recommendations for EndeavourOS.

Let’s get on the ball, folks. The more recommendations, the more chances that the distro will be reviewed when it is released and, if the DistroWatch review is good, the more people who will try EndeavourOS.


Vote number 44

EndeavourOS (submitted on 2019-07-08)
50 votes

I applaud the encouragement, but remember the caveat from Distrowatch “…and have been on our waiting list for a year”

We must endeavour to get above this voting count: Mazon OS (submitted on 2019-02-09)
830 votes

I also don’t take too much stock in the DW voting system as you can game the system by spoofing your IP address and you get another chance to vote. Don’t get me wrong, a positive review from DW goes further than no review. But at least we don’t have to worry about how fast they get to that, when they don’t even look in our direction until a least a year from now.

I saw EndeavourOS moved up to the middle of the waiting list at 60 something.

88 votes so far.

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I see it on the site so does clicking on the link vote for it automatically?

We are now 10th in the evaluation league.