EndeavourOS laptop plus dual molnitors

A while ago, I’ve installed EndeavourOS on my new Zephyrus G15 laptop and until today, only used it with one external ultrawide monitor. Today, just to test, I’ve hooked up a second external monitor and with just some minor display settings adjustments, all three screens function as expected.
It’s mind-blowing how far Linux has come!

For now, I am dual-booting with W10 Pro but based on my first week of running EndeavourOS on this laptop, I most likely will nuke W10 soon.



i use external too. sometime extended, sometime miroring, and sometime just …external. , dual boot with win 11 Pro :wink:

Can you update all the firmware/bios from Linux. Im running Dell and can upgrade bios but if I for example wish to update the thunderbolt firmware I need windows, so I always keep a small windows installation for that reason.

I know that Ubuntu/Pop OS does it via the software center/app then reboots and can do firmware, fedora too. Not sure how to do it in arch.

Have a look at:


Check if your machine is supported. If it is you might be able to update some device’s firmware as well.

Yea I know but as I said the thunderbolt firmare comes as an installible exe file from dell that require windows witch makes it kinda hard. Bios work.

I see. I missed that from your previous post :blush:

In that case something like:
might work.

I use it to update the UEFI firmware which comes as a .exe file on a Lenovo laptop. It’s been working well for that purpose. May be worth to investigate it for your purpose.

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Yea, looks promising for shure gonna check out. Thanks.

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Hi grymphen,
my laptop is too new as I just got it a few weeks ago. On my dell machines (all running EOS only), I just download the critical updates and update via BIOS.
ASUS, as I understand, isn’t as Linux-friendly as DELL but I will soon enough check this out and update.