EndeavourOS keyring updated, users should update soon

Good afternoon EOS community

After doing the procedure described in this thread, the update of the system went OK but after rebooting Plasma appears with glitches as shown on the screenshot provided. It happens with both stable and xanmod kernels.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

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Thank you so much, I’ll take a look at that thread.

Uuh, thanks for the info !!
I had problems with GPG, but now it’s blown away.

I also have an update-script and like to integrate this.
How do you use the 2 lines in your script?

Only C’n’P or …?

Could you share your update-script?

Basically you could add line

eos-update --yay

to a place depending on your script.

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Now it’s

eos-update --yay
flatpak update
flatpak uninstall --unused
paccache -r
#flatpak repair --user

and works flawless.

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Looks like the line with only yay is no more needed as eos-update --yay should take care of that.

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I have no Update Script. I mean eos-update is technical an Update script.

The Line

should only show in which package the eos-update script is located