EndeavourOS install on UEFI system

Hi guys, I’m stuck at the first hurdle trying to install this on my laptop. Before I had to keep enabling/disabling UEFI to dual boot Win11/EOS. This time around I really don’t want to have to do this, I just want to be able install it with UEFI enabled.

Unfortunately trying to boot from the ISO DD’d onto a USB I just get blocked with a security message that I’m interpreting as being due to UEFI being enabled.

Can EndeavourOS be installed using the standard iso with UEFI?

Hello @anon8865670
You must have secure boot turned off and also csm. You want to boot uefi only.

Edit: Go into uefi settings and turn off secure boot and csm. Make sure it’s set to boot uefi only.


of course :wink:

as @ricklinux wrote, disable secure boot and quick boot in the BIOS/bootoptions of motherboard

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Sorry, yes that was my issue. oops.

I’d forgotten about Secure Boot, just had to make a note of my bitlocker key, disable secureboot, enter key on Win11 boot. All now happy and ready for EOS install :slight_smile:

good luck and enjoy the fabulous OS :cowboy_hat_face: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

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