EndeavourOS has long shutdown time (120 seconds)

It’s an annoying bug that it should be fixed by now

I am using EndeavourOS and I don’t experience long shutdown time.
Most probably it is something specific to your system.

You might want to consider to change the title of the topic and also:

Also, you could remove quiet form the boot parameters in /etc/defalt/grub and regenerate grub.cfg to make visible startup and shutdown messages.


Something is blocking shutdown - press ctrl+alt+delete rapidly around 13 (IIRC) times and it should give the name of the program. For me it was emacs.

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journal would be needed at least to say anything… and some info about DE e.t.c and what services are running… could be p.e. VirtualBox stuff or virt net services running… and mostly this happens randomly using plasma when you do not close all apps before using plasma powermenu…

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As @pebcak suggested. Logs are are the first step. Best if it can be seen the hardware information and some boot logs to start. I have no issues with shutdown on any of my systems.

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Logs or it didn’t happen.

Until you see it. It’s not real! :smile: