EndeavourOS getting stuck on boot

So just to clarify, I’m very new to Linux in general so please have patience.

The problem I’m running into is right after going thru the installer and rebooting my PC for the first time, it gets stuck in boot. There are no errors or anything, it just gets to 32.xxxx and stops. Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it?

Hardware (taken from the live USB because I can’t boot into the actual OS): https://clbin.com/vC5nz
Boot Log (if this even gives any useful information): https://clbin.com/eE49t

Thanks in advance!

I would suggest installing the LTS kernel and see if it boots from it. If that doesn’t help, maybe have a read of this. https://github.com/NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules/issues/256

BTW welcome to the forum, hope you can get it up and running

As Scotty said. LTS solves a lot, in fact it’s my daily driver. Also in Calamares installer you could change your choices like using Pulse Audio rather than Pipewire server. Or maybe choose a different desktop environment, It’s just to see if it can get you past the sticking.

btw, @BartG welcome aboard the :enos: forum. I am sure you will enjoy once you get past this small bump in the road.

Thanks! I’ll try it tomorrow. Also would changing my kernel to something like xanmod , if installing the LTS kernel does work, mess anything up?

Thanks! I’m planning on using KDE Plasma for good performance, I’ve only used GNOME so far so I wonder if the difference will be noticable.

You can have more than one kernel installed, just select the one you want to use at boot. I generally stick to the LTS so I can’t really give much advise about other kernels.

Great choice, my favorite DE

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It’s only to test to see if one of your choices is causing the installation process to freeze up or fail. Use whatever DE tickles your fancy, but try other different options to get past the rebooting lockup. I wish you well.

We need more info to understand the real issue.
Journal logs and Xorg log from the installed/failing system are required. You can get Xorg logs booting from your installer and mounting the installed system. Similarly journal logs can be listed from terminal.
Even a photo with the errors might help for a quick check.

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Heeft de LTS kernel gewerkt?

For such cases, you may want to install the LTS kernel.

@smokey @HMS_Endeavour @chomsky @zoli62
Thanks all! Launching EndeavourOS with the LTS kernel worked!


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Welcome @BartG

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Awesome, glad you got it up and running

Nothing, use it with health.

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