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Hey. Hey,
my name is Lukas and I’m from the Czech Republic.
I have a question. I have been using EndeavourOS for a long time and I am always happy to recommend it. Unfortunately, the Czech Republic was under the rule of the evil communist regime for a long time, thus we couldn’t learn English and a large part of the population 40 years and above unfortunately can’t speak English.
So I decided that I would make a Czech version of eos on a Czech domain with Czech texts so that people in our country can also get information mainly from the eos wiki in their native language.

My question is there any trademark on the EneavourOS brand that would prevent me from creating a Czech domain?

Is it possible to use your wiki materials with a link to the source for translation into my native language?

Thank you very much for the answer.
Also thank you for the work you do and also to the active community.

Sincerely, Lukáš Kaňka

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@Bryanpwo are you the person to answer this?

I sent you a PM.

Thanks for reaching out to @Kankys

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Its like translatink arch … imposible :smiley: … but if somebody understand and its capable running arch his eanglish level must by usable …

I know the idea → im from czech … but yeah you cant run arch os witout knowing at least some in eanglish.
It will end in troubble its not *buntu :slight_smile: