Endeavouros custom ISO installation issue

Hello everyone!
After creating Endeavouros custom ISO by step-by-step manual from this page and loaded into Live mode I can`t install system because calamares shows next message:

Result of sudo calamares command:
QStandardPaths: XDG_RUNTIME_DIR not set, defaulting to ‘/tmp/runtime-root’
19:32:23 [1]: bool Calamares::ModuleManager::addModule(Calamares::Module*)
ERROR: Module “users@users” loading FAILED.
19:32:23 [1]: void Calamares::ModuleManager::loadModules()
ERROR: Module “users@users” exists but not loaded.
19:32:24 [1]: void CalamaresApplication::initFailed(const QStringList&)
ERROR: STARTUP: failed modules are QList(“users@users”, “users@users”)

Both offline and online installation has the same issue.

It is likely because of the recent icu update.

Typically, our calamares package is built to support our ISO. If you are building with later packages, you may need to be build an updated calamares package yourself.


calamares will get rebuilded asap…


dalto, joekamprad, thanks!

endeavouros/calamares (39.7 MiB 117.7 MiB) 
    Calamares installer for EndeavourOS

should work again.


The latest package is not yet in all mirrors, but is coming there as soon as possible.


All works fine now, thanks to all!

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You are welcome, feel free to inform about any issues or improvements, we are always open for the better.

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