EndeavourOS Community & Team, Thank You

So, I’ll try to make this brief because I’m at work!

I wanted to make yet another addition to the several posts on this forum thanking you guys and everyone in the community for your welcoming attitude and support for Linux noobs.

I don’t have many posts accumulated here, but this forum has been incredibly useful for me in troubleshooting my problems and pointing me in the right direction to other resources/communities to further my knowledge of the Linux system and being most productive with it.

I literally just started using Linux this past Fall (Sept. 2023), and EndeavourOS was the start of my journey. You guys really pushed me down a rabbit hole!

However, I must admit that I am no longer running EndeavourOS as my distro. of choice. That’s right, I converted to Fedora. Don’t throw anything at me! :laughing:

Now - Even though I am not using an Arch-based distro, I did learn to actually enjoy using the terminal and have taken a quite different perspective on my use for Linux.

Right now, Fedora is on my school laptop, and my home desktop. I’ve got a few year-olds laptop that I’m running Debian server with a GUI. XFCE is my preferred DE on all three. I’ve gotten interested into a lot of new things since I’ve started exploring.

As aforementioned I’m a business university student. My occupation role is an insurance producer within a national agency. I’m planning on designing and self-hosting my website, a social media management tool, doing my own Image & Video editing and just really pushing organic growth through social media campaigns and networking.

I understand that all of these things are possible just the same on a Windows PC. But the thing is that the “Linux User Mindset” is what shifted me to actually take on all these tasks by myself, and even more importantly I’m operating on mostly all FOSS.

I don’t want to go off on too much of a tangent, but again - I wanted to thank you guys for being so patient with newbies. I can’t emphasize how impactful it is, because switching to Linux commonly is perceived to be way too difficult and just not worth it. I try to edge-on some of my halfway “tech-enthusiast” friends to go this route, and their go-to is usually “I tried that once man, it f**ked my computer and no one could help me fix it!”

You guys are reassuring, and you made it fun, seriously.

Peace out!


:peace_symbol: :v:t6:


Good luck on your Linux journey onboard whatever distribution!

Here is just little something for the road:


Great to read you are learning things and applying what you’ve learned.
I have no doubt that soon you’ll be helping others with their Linux journey.
Then they will learn, and then they will help others.
Ad infinitum.


Welcome aboard. Nothing wrong with Fedora. :zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve been throwing and breaking things ever since i read this. :rofl:


No thing wrong in Downgrading :innocent: I do it all time when need temp fix .

At end of day it all Linux :vulcan_salute: So you use what fit your need.
“Your system Your Rules!”

I wish you all best on your continued Linux journey ( just enjoy it + keep learn )

ps. See you in time :wink:


Must be married. :rofl:


5555555 Yes. she wonderful , she put up with me + long hour i work. i be lost if she no be around !

:pray: just no tell her i say this …


Nothing wrong with telling her she’s important to you every now and then, though.

Couples therapy made easy with EndeavourOS :medical_symbol: