EndeavourOS Breathes new life

I just want everyone who reads this to know that I recently started using EOS a few weeks ago and I have never had so much fun with learning a linux distro in my life. I have tried a few distros, Mint, Ubuntu, MX Linux, Garuda, Arco Linux, Manjaro and even tried Antergos back in the day.

I have never got into using linux as my daily driver and I have tried tinkering around with linux for years never really ever committing and using it as my day to day main operating system. I would always end up going back to Windows because I would just get frustrated about something not working or some kind of error and then give up.

After Windows 7 pretty much stopped being supported by Microsoft I tried out windows 10 and found that to be one of the worst operating systems I have ever used in my life, I cannot even believe what a horrible mess it is, Bloated, full of built in spyware, Worst split personality UI I have ever witnessed. I wont even get any further into that dumpster fire.

So I just stayed on windows 7 for the longest time. Soon some of the applications I use and need to be updated regularly started putting out warnings about not going to support windows 7 for much longer I knew I had to find something else. So I decided to dive back into linux and trying to find a linux distrobution that might work for my needs, As I said I have tried out a small few and looked up reviews of many others like Puppy Linux and Deepin and some others I cant remember right now.

I finally ended up coming across EOS, at first I wasn’t so sure about it at first as I ran into small things like adding custom resolutions, figuring out how to adjust screen size so the screen picture wasn’t outside of the monitor since the monitor I have has no way to adjust screen size with hardware controls. Figuring out how to get certain windows applications I still wanted to use running on wine, Like Photoshop.

There were times where I was a little lost and didn’t really know what to do or did not know what certain terminal messages/errors meant but I would just go to the EndevourOS Telegram channel and ask my question, Eventually someone would give me an answer or lead me in the right direction to find the answer myself.
Because of this community I have been able to finally free myself from Microsoft and now have a fully configured relativity customised operating system that runs the way I want it to run.

I am really happy with EndevourOS and I hope it keep going for many years to come. Sure it isnt as easy as windows but if you just take the time to read you can figure it out easily. I have not run into one issue that I havent been able to figure out a solution to and most stuff just works out of the box sometimes needing minor configuration or packages installed to make it work perfect.

If you are just starting out with Endeavour OS and you run into any problem join the endeavour-OS telegram channel and they really will help you out and get your problem resolved.

If you are coming from windows and have a decent pc I would suggest going with KDE Plasma, It is really easy to configure it to work very similar to how windows does and looks very similar too and has a really nice “control panel” type application where you can change your themes and most settings you would want to change on the system.

I am very happy I found Endeavour OS and I am going to stick with it for a very long time. It does take a little bit of learning how to navigate the terminal, how to install and uninstall packages and update and maintain the system but learning how to is truly well worth it and not at all hard as it may seem to be.

If you are feeling frustrated or discouraged don’t give up I promise you its well worth figuring things out you truly won’t regret it. It’s one of the best Operating systems I have ever used to date.


Glad to hear it is working well for you! Congrats on your migration!

Although, I didn’t know we had a windows version… :wink:

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Yeah my bad, Fixed that lol


congrats. hope you continue on your linux journey :vulcan_salute: enjoy the purple rocket !!


This means a lot to all of us here. Welcome to the purple side. :enos_flag:


Great story. Welcome!

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Welcome to EndeavourOS and the forum! If you are feeling frustrated or discouraged, come ask for help here on the forum. There is almost always some who around who can help you.

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welcome and enjoy your stay here

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Hello and welcome to :enos: :hugs:

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:100: :vulcan_salute: :enos_flag: :milky_way:

Looks like home to me :star_struck: